DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI) and SOFIPROTÉOL report signing a three-year collaboration agreement to develop a production process for natural feed additives. This project, named COLOR2B, is part of the DEINOCHEM program and primarily targets the animal feed market, although it also opens up opportunities in human food applications.


Co-financed by DEINOVE and SOFIPROTÉOL, COLOR2B is an R&D project, which aims at developing a production process for natural feed additives. This includes selecting the best-performing bacteria strains from DEINOVE’s strain bank, testing the compounds produced, qualifying their benefits for animal nutrition and health as well as developing the production process at pilot-scale.

  • DEINOVE’s expertise will focus on producing additives from their bacterial micro-factories, in an eco-friendly and economically viable way.
  • SOFIPROTEOL’s expertise will apply to feedstock selection, evaluation of the beneficial effects for animals, knowledge of the market and associated regulations, as well as marketing the technology developed.

Ultimately, the two partners strive to industrialize the bioproduction of such additives and launch new animal nutrition product lines. Targeted applications in human food will also be considered.