• The 2nd step of the project has been completed: the effectiveness and bioavailability of the ingredients developed by Deinove have been validated.

  • Start of the third and final phase of the project: assessing the technical-economic criteria and preparing for industrial production of a new, natural active ingredient for animal nutrition.

Montpellier, 19 April 2017 (6:30 PM CEST) - DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces high value-added compounds using rare bacteria, notably from the Deinococcus genus, has announced that it has successfully completed the 2nd key step of its project aiming at developing a production process for natural feed additives, in collaboration with the AVRIL Group (COLOR2B project).

The 2nd step of the project validated the effectiveness and bioavailability of the compounds produced by the 7 strains selected by DEINOVE during the 1st phase. When added to the feed of farm animals in a field station, the compounds produced by these strains were well assimilated by their organisms and produced the desired effects.

The COLOR2B project is now entering its last phase, which is scheduled to be completed in 2018 and aims at:

  • Selecting and optimizing 1 or 2 high-performing strains,
  • Optimizing production conditions (by fermentation technology) and the processes for preparing the active ingredients,
  • Defining the most profitable technical-economic conditions for production,
  • Undertaking the required regulatory formalities to begin marketing these active ingredients.

“The results of the in vivo tests demonstrated good assimilation by the animals and satisfactory performances. Our teams are now working with those at DEINOVE to validate the conditions for industrial production and commercialization of this feed supplement, which is intended to be included in our line of animal nutrition products,” said France Thevenieau, Head of Research & Development at MiXscience (AVRIL Group).

Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of DEINOVE, added, “COLOR2B is a strategic project for DEINOVE in the nutrition sector, which is one of our three target markets. This collaboration with AVRIL not only opens up revenue opportunities, but is also an opportunity for us to develop our skills in high value-added ingredients for ramping up our other programs. Its smooth progression has confirmed our strain library’s potential and the relevance of our strategic orientations.”