Labiotech Refresh

Labiotech Refresh is Europe’s most refreshing Biotech conference. Come to get a deep insight into tomorrow’s Biotechtrends in a dynamic and...
10.05.2016 to 12.05.2016

Vitafoods Europe

Marie Bezenger, VP Operations of DEINOVE, will participate in the Vitafoods Europe 2016 Congress in Geneva. More info: www.vitafoods.eu.com
11.04.2016 to 12.04.2016

Small cap Event

Infos: http://www.midcapevents.com/
06.04.2016 to 08.04.2016

SynBioBeta London 2016

The fouth year of SynBioBeta London where the synthetic biology community will gather to hear from the companies commercializing their...