Preparing extracts for characterization




The very core of DEINOVE lies in uncovering the potential of its growing collection of rare bacteria. DEINOVE’s Extraction DSP platform is in charge of preparing bacterial extracts all along the R&D stages of a project.

This includes the Deinoscreen program, which aims to systematically screen the library of strains for new compounds with potential applications in cosmetics, but also the preparation of extracts for the screening of antibiotic activities. Facing the increasing number of strains to be assessed, Deinove integrated a custom-designed robot.

When the project is validated and heads towards industrialization, the platform also works on designing the downstream processing of the final compound in agreement with the guidelines established for the target industry and in preparation for industrial production. The team is involved from laboratory to industrial scale.

Bacterial extracts to screen for new activities

Because there is no universal way to extract all the molecules produced by a given organism, screening DEINOVE’s collection of rare bacteria for new properties requires the preparation of several different extracts that will together disclose most of the activities of the organism.

DEINOVE’s Extraction/DSP platform produces different extracts from every bacterial strain using various extraction methods (for example with different solvents) to maximize the chances of uncovering a new activity.

Preparing for industrial production of a compound

All extraction protocols are developed in agreement with the guidelines established by the industry in which the products are commercialized. In addition to small-scale extraction optimization, the platform is equipped with a 10-liter chemical reactor that can handle and optimize the extraction of large pre-industrial fermentation volumes from a 20-liter fermentor. This step is crucial for scaling the process up to industrial production and offers the possibility to provide pre-series of their compound of interest.


Key features

Engaged in the project from protocol design to scale up

Ability to handle large, pre-industrial fermentation volumes


Adapts to the industrial requirements and market demands

Ability to provide pre-series / samples to the customers