Uncovering the potential of the large collection of rare microorganisms

Cell Biology platform aims to uncover the potential of DEINOVE’s large collection of rare bacteria. 


A state-of-the-art platform to test for new activities

In the framework of the company’s Deinoscreen program, the platform is in charge of screening the growing collection of rare bacterial strains for new compounds with potential applications in the fields of cosmetics and possibly nutrition. The screen is currently designed to identify:

  • Compounds with antioxidant properties,
  • Compounds with anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Compounds that promote wound healing,
  • Compounds that either promote melanin production or prevent its accumulation,
  • Compounds with lipogenic or lipolytic effect.

Tests are carried out in 96-well plate format. In order to quantify the biological activity of each extract, they are typically performed using different dilutions of each extract. Automated imaging and analysis are achieved using two major systems:

  • An automated microscope for assays that require real-time live-cell imaging,
  • A High-Content Screening platform for assays that require a finer screening and a more thorough analysis (several assessed parameters for each of the markers simultaneously used).


A multi-skilled screening platform

  • The platform also performs biochemical tests to assess the antioxidant power of Deinove’s bacterial extracts and compounds.
  • It is also involved in the pharma division by evaluating in vitro the safety of the prospective molecules of interest.


Key features


Automated high-content screening

High-sensitivity screening