Exploring the richness of rare microorganisms

Billions of years of evolution have resulted in a tremendous degree of diversity in nature. Species are out there capable of producing compounds that have enabled them to adapt to all sorts of aggressions in their environment. DEINOVE’s Biodiversity platform aims to unearth rare bacteria with incredible, unexploited potential that could be used in healthcare, nutrition and cosmetics. Whether they can produce a new antibiotic or antifungal compound, or a new molecule with antioxidant or anti-inflammatory properties, nature is full of resources awaiting to be discovered.

A collection of rare bacterial strains

DEINOVE searches for new bacterial strains in hostile or challenging environments, such as hot springs, lava rocks, caves, where extreme conditions and/or competition between species have prompted the development of robust organisms that produce original compounds to ensure their survival.

To date, DEINOVE has isolated over 6,000 UV-resistant strains, several of which belong to the Deinococcus genus. The company aims to diversify its panel of strains, and will do so through the collection of 10,000 additional strains within the next 5 years.


Key features



A large collection of rare organisms with yet undiscovered potential

Surrounded with specialists to exploit the full potential of new bacteria